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EM introduces ergonomic and robust new plug-and-socket range
27 August 2017
EM introduces ergonomic and robust new plug-and-socket range

The Econo range of world-class plugs and sockets from SCAME Electrical Solutions of Italy is the latest high-quality product offering from leading distributor ElectroMechanica (EM).

These plugs and sockets are not only ergonomically designed, but are built from robust and durable materials to ensure a longer lifespan. The main focus is on ensuring reliable and safe operation due to innovative, class-leading features that promote ease of use, EM Sales and Marketing Director Richard Nobbs comments.

“This is a much-anticipated range for our wholesale distribution channel. The roll-out is currently taking place, covering the broader South African market,” Nobbs confirms. He adds that the new range will be of particular benefit to OEMs and industry in general.

SCAME Electrical Solutions has a wide product offering, covering different applications. End users are guaranteed to receive European quality at local pricing, making the range more affordable for end users. Full technical support and back-up support will be readily available, as with all products in the EM stable.

The launch of the Econo range follows the recent introduction of the Optima-Top and Xenia series of electrical components from SCAME Electrical Solutions. They comply with the latest European Union (EU) directives with regard to electrical components, such as the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.

“These world-class products from SCAME Electrical Solutions not only represent the latest in technology and regulatory compliance but, more importantly, are very price-competitive. In addition, the main focus is to ensure safe and reliable operation in all circumstances, which enhances the overall efficiency. Another feature is that these products have been designed with ease-of-use in mind, which makes them highly suited to African operating conditions,” Nobbs concludes.

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