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Precision control boosts productivity on Bobcat E55 compact excavator
28 November 2017
Precision control boosts productivity on Bobcat E55 compact excavator

Precision control of the boom, arm, and bucket is critical in harsh operating environments such as Africa. It is for this reason that Bobcat Equipment South Africa is punting the Bobcat E55 compact excavator as the toughest and most efficient machine on the market today.

Precision control and movement boost productivity, delivered by means of exclusive control valve systems and torque-limiting pistons pumps that match force with demand, Bobcat Equipment South Africa Product Specialist Jan Stansfield explains.

With a maximum digging depth of 3.923 mm, the Bobcat E55 compact excavator is used mainly in the mining, construction, and plant-hire sectors, and even diverse applications such as the fruit-farming industry. Various clamp-ready arm configurations are available. The standard power arm offers maximum arm breakout force, while the optional long arm allows for added reach and dig depth. 

Selectable auxiliary hydraulics allow for three flow rates to optimise the response of hydraulic attachments such as tilting buckets, clamps, grapples, hydraulic breakers, and augers. Low flow is ideal for precise control and accurate angles, medium flow for placing and handling materials and maximum flow for peak hydraulic attachment performance.

“The excavator controls allow operators to make fine, accurate movements with minimum effort and maximum comfort, which translates into precise results in less time and with less fatigue,” Stansfield stresses. A rocker-style thumb switch on the left joystick gives superior boom-swing control with better metering than foot pedals.

The switch on the right joystick provides perfect control of the connected attachment, while multi-function operations such as simultaneous swinging and travelling are made that much easier. The location of the boom swing and auxiliary control on the joystick means more comfortable floor space and foot room, which is a definite advantage on long and arduous projects.

Compared to other models in the Bobcat line-up with minimal or zero tail swing, conventional tail-swing models such as the Bobcat E55 compact excavator typically deliver the greatest lift capacity. Other features that boost productivity are two-speed travel, while the Dual Direction Detent system provides for continuous flow for attachments in either direction. This means that attachments can be operated continually without having to press a button.

Additional features include ‘auto idle’, which reduces fuel consumption when the operator needs to take a break or pause the operation. The ‘auto shift’ travel function moves the excavator out of high range and back automatically, allowing for optimal travel performance without the need to downshift manually.

The Bobcat E55 compact excavator has also been engineered to operate in the smallest of workspaces thanks to its in-track swing frame, which places the machine closer to the workface. The swing castings and cylinders remain within the tracks when digging in an offset position, for example.

The X-frame undercarriage not only means superior ground clearance, but also improves performance in soft, loose, and difficult conditions. Dirt and debris passes through the undercarriage easily, making for quick clean-up. The drive motors are placed safely within the track widths, protecting the assembly and improving machine agility in soft conditions. The recessed motor covers not only prevent potential damage, but increase uptime as well.

Uptime is also maximised by a machine shutdown protection feature, which tracks engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, hydraulic oil temperature, and other functions. Catastrophic engine failure is prevented by shutting down the machine completely, if need be.

This reduces the chance of damage to the engine or hydraulic components. Onboard diagnostics troubleshoots problems proactively and efficiently. Simple service access checkpoints mean that preventative maintenance can be carried out when required, which reduces operating costs even further.

In addition to a full range of excavators up to 75 t, Bobcat Equipment South Africa and Goscor Earthmoving, both part of the Goscor Group, also offer skidsteers, front-end loaders, TLBs and road equipment such as graders and rollers as part of a comprehensive total-solution package for its customers’ diverse requirements.

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