Mining Safety News Safety(c) 2018, Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Construction EquipmentThe mining and construction industries have seen their fair share of construction equipment come and go due to heavy-weight tasks. As a mining or construction company, your equipment is your greatest and most important business asset. Construction equipment doesn’t, however, last forever. You shouldn’t push your equipment right to the end of the line before you consider upgrading and buying new construction equipment. That’s dangerous to equipment operators and potentially harmful to your mining or construction project. If it’s time to upgrade your old mining dump truck, think about an articulated dump truck from the Terex construction equipment range or find a new excavator from one of Volvo’s construction equipment offerings. You need to think about the future of your business and how it can become better, and one way to do that is by upgrading your construction equipment. Need more reasons why? Well, here are seven. Increase project..., 11 Sep 2018 10:05:54 GMTLTP-B Eco HVAC Drive Helps Save Energy and Cut Costs in a Range of SectorsWith a large footprint and customer base in food-and-beverage, automotive, and mining, drive and automation specialist SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa is now targeting niche sectors such as Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) in order to ensure sustained growth. In this regard, its LTP-B Eco HVAC drive is starting to make inroads in this market thanks to its combination of innovative technology and easy-to-use features. High energy efficiency makes the LTP-B Eco HVAC drive ideal for applications as diverse as large buildings, hospitals, and even mills. Sectors range from commercial to residential and industrial. “Energy-saving is a major focus in HVAC. Our drive caters for this with an advanced ‘sleep’ and ‘wake’ function that maximises energy efficiency by only switching on a pump, for example, when it is required,” SEW-EURODRIVE SA Regional Sales Manager Clive O’Reilly explains. Maximum operating efficiency is guaranteed thanks to..., 10 Sep 2018 16:18:36 GMTAECOM delivers integrated infrastructure services for the mining sectorIntegrated infrastructure delivery company AECOM is well-poised to make inroads into the mining industry. From roads to airports, ports, and power-grid upgrades, all such infrastructure ultimately has an impact on the mining industry. AECOM specialises in comprehensive engineering solutions for pit-to-port mining projects, Dr. Kim le Roux, Managing Director, Environment and Ground Engineering for Africa, comments. “This allows our clients to focus on their core business, which is mining.” Dr. le Roux points out that AECOM is a global leader in major infrastructure development. “This capability allows us to cater for every aspect of mining, apart from minerals-processing plants, and the actual mine development.” In this regard, AECOM works with longstanding global partners. “Depending on the scope of the project in hand, we can align with our partners in the form of an engineering association, either as a sub-contractor or as a joint venture partner,..., 10 Sep 2018 16:13:16 GMTEasy-to-read identification system keeps ‘tag’ of valuable assetsAn easy-to-read and install identification system for everything from hoses to heavy equipment is available from Banding & Identification (ID) Solutions Africa. Easy Read means maximum tagging effectiveness for enhanced traceability. Such has been the success of the Easy Read system locally that it has been adopted exclusively by a major hydraulic equipment manufacturer for the past decade to tag hoses, Banding & ID Sales Representative Matthew Campbell reveals. A diversified power management company has also deployed Easy Read for a similar application, while a leading supplier of engineering support services to the energy, process, mining, and construction industries uses the system to tag maintenance records for its rental equipment. Easy Read is essentially a tagging system comprising pre-cut characters (A to Z) and numerals (0 to 9), in addition to special symbols, and available in a range of sizes. Being pre-cut, there is no need for specialised tooling. End users..., 10 Sep 2018 16:10:07 GMTWhat to Consider Before Purchasing New Construction Equipment Running a construction company can be a headache if you don’t have access to sufficient equipment and tools. With the right equipment, you’re able to increase productivity with a quick turnaround and, in turn, take on more projects to boost your bottom line. In South Africa, there are plenty of building, mining and engineering projects in the pipeline but not always enough contractors with the right equipment needed for the job. So, if you’re looking to increase your equipment fleet or get rid of outdated, troublesome equipment, here are a few tips to consider when buying new or second-hand equipment: • Quality over quantity Companies should strive to buy one equipment unit, from a reputable brand, instead of several for the same price. While it might be costly and well over budget, the long-term benefits are endless when you have a unit that can do multiple jobs. Before buying anything, you need to be absolutely certain that whatever you choose will bring..., 10 Sep 2018 16:03:40 GMTSurface Miners Drive Up Savings in Coal MiningMine operators for some time now have been increasingly turning to an alternative to conventional rip-and-stack or drill-and-blast coal mining: the use of surface miners. Diverse studies and tests show that surface miners offer considerable advantages in terms of both economic efficiency and the final product. The main advantages of Wirtgen surface mining technology include the following: Selective mining Avoidance of blasting Cutting, crushing and loading in a single operation Maximum exploitation of deposits Reduced transport costs Wirtgen supplies surface miners in a variety of performance classes for the selective mining of commodities, such as coal, limestone, bauxite, gypsum, salt and phosphate. In addition to mining, these machines can also carry out routing operations for constructing roads and railway tracks, rehabilitating roadways and installing tunnel floors. The range of applications further includes the precision cutting of ditches and channels as..., 30 Aug 2018 14:59:52 GMTTempo Mineral Processing Offers DMS Cyclone Refurbishment ServiceWith the mining industry under increasing pressure to cut costs and increase productivity, Tempo Mineral Processing offers a unique service whereby Dense Medium Separation (DMS) cyclones can be refurbished for even wear distribution and extended life. This allows for improved mass balance of DMS cyclones in terms of the separation or cut size, the flow split between the over- and underflow, the sharpness of the classification, and the capacity (pressure drop). This all translates into a dramatic increase in total efficiency, Tempo Mineral Processing Director Thabisho Malatji comments. The lifecycle of a DMS cyclone can be extended significantly by the application of a reaction-bonded silicon carbide lining (RbSiC) lining on the spigot and lower cone portion in particular, with the lining pattern running against the material flow for minimum gaps and steps and optimal joint sealing between components. “We offer our customers the lowest total cost of ownership by means of even..., 30 Aug 2018 14:28:33 GMTAury Africa introduces RFID track-and-trace solution for miningScreening and vibrating equipment solutions and services provider Aury Africa has introduced a radio-frequency identification (RFID) audit and inspection solution that is ideal for mining applications. These include inspecting plant equipment, mining machines, pumps, valves and pipes – in fact, most items of equipment that may require regular inspection and, in some cases, regulatory requirements. RFID tags use an electromagnetic field to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects and equipment. This aids in flow-process inspection and maintenance, and ensures compliance with all regulatory reporting requirements. The microchips used in the tags can be embedded into different types of attachments, including cable ties, bands, buckles, and bolts. The flexibility of these attachments enables them to be welded, glued, or tied onto the required application. “Aury Africa is currently integrating the RFID solution with our equipment through the assistance of our..., 20 Aug 2018 09:17:50 GMTIron and Steel and Alcohol: a Dangerous CombinationThe South African Iron & Steel industry is the third largest manufacturing industry in the country. Contributing to roughly 1% of the world’s crude steel, South Africa is also Africa’s largest steel producer. It’s also consistently listed as one of the most dangerous industries to work in, in the world, making Health & Safety considerations of paramount importance. A risky business Injuries abound in the Iron & Steel industry and fatalities aren’t entirely uncommon. Across the entire process, workers face risks of varying degrees, from heavy lifting and operating machinery, to slips, falls and working with heat. They contend with fire hazards and flammables, unsafe chemicals, high voltage equipment and even simply dodging heavy beams as they move across a warehouse. Even the most alert worker in an environment with the strictest health and safety parameters in place can have an accident. However, the consumption of alcohol and other perception..., 20 Aug 2018 09:13:48 GMTClosure, rehabilitation a major issue as SA’s landfills reach capacityWith landfill space in South Africa at a premium, the controlled, planned, and systematic filling of landfill cells requires progressive closure and rehabilitation. This is a highly specialised endeavour that requires an integrated infrastructure delivery company like AECOM to drive it. Landfills may need to be closed for various reasons, including unacceptable environmental impacts such as groundwater pollution, and/or unmanageable air pollution such as dust or odours. Geological issues include dolomitic ground conditions, which can result in water ingress and sinkhole formation. In many instances, improving landfill management and operations is a necessary first step, but if this proves unsuccessful, closure becomes necessary. Landfills are usually designed with a specific lifespan, determined by the volume of waste that can be handled. Once filled to capacity, landfills must be closed and decommissioned, as stipulated in the Waste Management Licence. However, effective landfill remediation..., 13 Aug 2018 16:25:53 GMT