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What to Consider When Hiring Equipment

What to Consider When Hiring Equipment

When you are hiring equipment for your next construction project, there are certain things that you should consider. And this is especially true of crane hire and lifting equipment. You will need to look at aspects such as the cost of maintaining the equipment, how old the equipment is, as well as whether you will need to invest in crane operator training for more technologically advanced lifting machines. 

When you are looking to hire mobile crane equipment have a list of requirements at the ready. For example, you will need to know whether you are looking for rough terrain cranes, truck mounted cranes, or an overhead crane. Once you have decided on this, you can move on to the other considerations, such as the lifting capacity of the equipment  and whether or not it can be used on harsh terrain and what the service needs are. If you are looking to hire equipment for your next project, read on for what to consider. 


The maintenance is affordable

The cost of maintaining the equipment you hire is important to consider. Hiring equipment does cost significantly less than buying, as the maintenance is usually taken care of by the manufacturer or the dealer which will save you money and effort. 

While you might be spending a set amount each month, you do not have to pay in extra for the maintenance of the equipment, which means that you can use the money you have saved on other important aspects of your project. And for mining projects, maintenance can be expensive, especially on the larger pieces of equipment. 


Is the machinery readily available?

Another important factor in hiring machinery or equipment is finding out if it is readily available from the dealership or manufacturer. It would be inefficient to plan a project out for February, only to find that the mahcinery you need to start mining is only available six months down the line. 

The plant should provide you with the bes tpossible equipment that suits your needs, and should have enough stock available for each of their clients. If you find that a plant is always out of stock or does not have the right machinery available, then you might need to look elsewhere. Inquire about their schedules before you sign any documentation or contract with the dealership.


Find out about support services

While you might not have to pay for the maintenance of the vehicle, you mmight need support in other areas, such as if the equipment malfunctions in some way. The support services are required to provide you with information and assistance as quickly as possible, in order to keep your project running smoothly. 

To find out about how the plant handles these issues, speak to previous clients and do some online research to find reviews. Yuo could also call their support centre to speak to them directly their offerings. Find out about what support services they offer to those who are hiring from them in order to ascertain how much support you will be getting for the period of your equipment hire. 


Do you have enough storage space?

Many plants require you to have enough storage space for their equipment. And this storage space must keep their equipment out of the rain and inclement weather, so as to avoid rust and damage. If you do not have enough storage space, you might need to lease out a storage unit at a company to keep the equipment safe. 

The plant will likely inspect the project site before they agree to any terms and conditions. They will look at the safety precautions that are being taken for the machinery as well as where it will be stored. If they do not deem it acceptable, you might have to lease out storage space. Be sure that wherever you store the machinery it is dry, clean and kept safe when closed up. Ensure that your workers know to return the equipment into storage after use when the weather is bad. 


Are there delivery costs?

You might have found the perfect machinery for your next project but you should inquire whether or not the hiring fee includes the initial delivery costs. This is because delivery of heavy equipment can sometimes be expensive and you might have a strict deadline in place, meaning the delivery might need to be an overnight one. 

While some companies do offer a next day delivery option, you might have to pay extra for this service. Some companies do not offer the delivery fees as part of the overall cost, which means that you will need to ask about this before you sign any contracts or agreements. If there is an additional fee, you will need to factor this into your budget so that you are able to afford it without being short on funds. 

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