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What is a water audit and why does your mine need one?

What is a water audit and why does your mine need one?

Mines use a lot of water for their operations, and this can be detrimental to the environment, especially if water is being wasted or misused without your knowledge. Water loss is not only bad for the environment, but it does contribute to increases in monthly bills as a mining company. This is where a water audit can come in handy because it will help with your water management strategies.

You should invest in an industrial water audit to help with reducing water costs and usage. The water audit company will look at different aspects such as your water meters, any leaks that exist, as well as gather data from your water treatments to provide you with a full picture of how your water is being used. Read on for more important information on water audits and why your mining company needs one.


So, what is a water audit?

Simply put, water audit traces water use from the point it enters your mining facility throughout its journey and eventual discharge. It also looks at surface water drainage and other issues. The audit is used to examine all points of water usage in a site survey and provide data on the volume of water used. This data can show you where there are potential leakages, broken pipes or if pieces of equipment are using too much water.

Since we are all aware that water is our lifeblood, we need to practice water conservation as much as possible. For a mining company this can be difficult since many processes in the industry use water to work. A water audit will allow you to improve your water management services as the audit process will provide a bills analysis to see where water is being used.

Some audits also take into account water quality, which is especially useful for mining companies. This will allow you to see what type of water is being released from your mine, such as acid mine drainage or surface water drainage. You can use this information to improve your water treatment methods as well as become more environmentally friendly.


Why is a water audit so important?

It can help you to save money
Knowing how much water you are wasting due to leaks or misuse will help you to save water. This is because you will be able to fix the leaks and stop the water from being wasted. Or you can improve your processes so that your mechanical systems do not use as much water as they currently using.

You can look into methods of mining that recycle water rather than needing to tap into the water resources of your current location. This will help you to spend less, such as using rainwater to flush toilets and wash equipment and floors. This way, you can avoid using the potable water or only use it for necessary functions of your project. Speak to a water audit professional for ideas on how to become more water conscious as a mining company.

You can improve your maintenance practices
If you have not been conscious of how much water you have been using, a water audit can help you to remedy this. You will be able to improve your maintenance processes by putting preventative maintenance processes in place such as assigning someone to check all taps, pipes, hoses and so forth for leaks or if they have been left on unnecessarily.

You could also assign someone to regularly ensure that all the taps in the bathrooms and kitchens are not leaking and are turned off after use. This might seem like a small and simple task but it is a fact that a dripping tap can lead to exorbitant water bills. By understanding how much water you use on a monthly basis, you can put a system in place for your workers to use in order to save water and improve workflow.


You will lower your environmental impact

It is a known fact that mines use a vast amount of water and that they also influence the environment with runoff and chemicals. But, if you are aware of the quality of water that is being released by your mine, you can take steps towards improving this and lower your environmental impact.

You can use the data from the water audit to fix issues and to limit your use of chemicals which could be causing issues in the surrounding area. In order to further limit your impact, you can opt for ways to stop acid mine drainage such as revegetating the area with water-absorbent plants or by filling in the mine once your project is over and it will not be used again.

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