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Johnson Controls launches P2000 X-Ray: software to manage and control X-Ray machines used for security

Johnson Controls launches P2000 X-Ray: software to manage and control X-Ray machines used for security

 Johnson Controls has released turnkey software to manage and control X-ray machines used in mines and elsewhere for security. The P2000 X-Ray software interfaces to body X-Ray machines and carries out full body gender-specific stop-and-search scans, with radiation dosage-control record keeping that is approved by the Department of Health. This is a first in South Africa and the world. With advanced functionality, intelligent algorithms and the ability to integrate with third-party security systems, the P2000 X-Ray system takes safe and smart use of X-ray machines for security purposes to the next level.

Says Marius Brits of Johnson Controls: “The P2000 X-Ray has been developed over the last 12 months by local and international Johnson Controls resources with the input of subject matter and industry experts. Built at the request of a major mining client in South Africa, the P2000 X-Ray addresses all the key challenges and requirements of organisations that make use of X-Ray machines for security.
“This solution fills a clear gap in the market, helping organisations better protect their assets and take care of their people while giving them greater control.  We expect the P2000 X-Ray solution will be of significant interest to a number of industry sectors, such as mines, prisons and hospitals, and government and military facilities.”
The software has come out of testing, has gone live at a major mining client and the installation has received approval from the Department of Health. While the software is immediately available, it will be officially launched to the industry at the Managing Mine Security Conference at Gallagher Estate on 1-2 October 2014. 
Notes Brits: “Until now, it has been difficult to optimally control the stop-and-search and X-ray process. Adherence to health and safety regulations, especially managing radiation dosage, is a primary concern, but so are reliability and the ability to leverage data from related systems to more accurately and intelligently target potential threats or deal with high risk incidents.  The system integrates to CCTV systems to allow full control and provide an audit trail of the entire X-ray transaction for investigative purposes. 
“The P2000 X-Ray combines Johnson Controls’ global experience in multiple industry sectors with local expertise and best practices in technology development to deliver an effective, feature-packed solution that addresses health, safety, and security issues.” 
Key features of the P2000 X-Ray include:
  • Built on open systems, the P2000 X-Ray offers advanced functionality enabled through integration with X-Ray machines, security (access control, CCTV, etc.) and back-end systems (HR, SAP, etc.). 
  • Intelligent algorithms ensure stop-and-search remains random and that radiation dosages are managed and measured according to regulations. The system has been tested and approved for use by the Department of Health. 
  • Algorithms assess data from various systems, combining them to profile and identify individuals deemed high risk, and alert security staff to these incidents.
  • All data logs are synchronised, across multiple X-ray machines at a single site, as well as across multiple sites, ensuring near real-time access to data.
  • The system is easy to maintain as all components (key electronic, biometric, mechanical and electrical components related to the X-ray system) are subject to a continuous automated health check with alerts to ensure timely maintenance. 
  • The P2000 X-Ray logs all user actions, system decisions and errors; reviews them and issues reports that identify where thresholds are exceeded or not met.
  • A graphical report depicts key performance indicators related to the process and X-Ray system to facilitate management from any viewing station by an authorised user.
  • Regular scheduled and automated reports provide insight into operator and process performance.
  • The system can be configured to meet the needs of different organisations – i.e., number and location of X-Ray machines, viewing stations and booths, and inclusion of specific features, such as image management and dose control.
  • A single license is required per X-Ray machine, with system updates made available as they are developed and tested. There are no annual license fees.
  • 24-hour local and international support is provided by Johnson Controls.
What mines need
Full body X-Ray scans are done at mines to prevent theft of valuable metals, minerals or other objects. However, there are safety and security regulations as well as internal policies that govern the process. Among others, no employee may be subjected to more than a safe amount of radiation, a scan may not take place if a supervisor is not present, nor may male viewers assess a scan of a female employee, and vice versa. The P2000 X-Ray has a number of safeguards and intelligent alerts that facilitate this process, increasing efficiency, introducing greater rigor, and limiting wastage.
Smart algorithm interrogates multiple data sets
The P2000 X-Ray, via a tamper proof algorithm hard coded into the system, selects employees at random for scanning. To prevent overexposure to radiation, the P2000 access control solution interrogates the client’s SQL database system to check previous exposure of individuals. The algorithm then assesses the amount of checks required through the rest of the defined period (e.g., per annum), assesses related data and makes a decision whether to scan the individual or do a dummy scan. Process and X-ray information across multiple machines and multiple sites is synchronised daily, ensuring security staff and the system are basing decisions on accurate information. 
It also makes use of data from access control and CCTV systems (including video analytics) to identify anomalies (e.g., objects dragged or workers entering unauthorised areas) to target potential high risk incidents, groups or individuals. In addition, all system decisions and errors, and actions by users (operators, viewers, supervisors and related security staff) are logged and reviewed to ensure security policy is being correctly implemented.
Improved process efficiency, management capability
The solution offers a number of functions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. Viewer stations, which are remote from the X-Ray area and booths to prevent collusion, may be allocated male or female viewers and this is noted in real-time by the system. The system will check if a supervisor and viewer of the correct gender is present before allowing a scan to be done. This prevents unnecessary radiation exposure and increases process efficiencies.
In terms of management, all X-ray machines can be managed from any viewing station, or a collated view can be obtained using pre-defined reports to manage X-ray performance. The reports incorporate KPIs and present them in graphical formats for easy comprehension. KPIs may include operator interventions per 100 scans, dummy scans as a percentage of total scans, up-time of the machine, and average dose measured per scan.
Viewers assess the scans and will indicate whether a physical search is required. The P2000 X-Ray software system gives them new tools to improve their ability to detect anomalies. Reference scans are done on every new employee to identify any metal in the body – e.g., fillings or internal metallic surgical supports. The P2000 X-Ray system enables viewers to compare new scans to these scans to identify any new materials in or on the body. In addition, simple features, like the ability to zoom in or switch to an inversion of the scan, have been added to allow the viewer to more closely inspect details. Advanced image processing is done by special filters adopted from the medical radiological industry to identify anomalies inside the body. Viewers can then indicate to security staff conducting physical body searches where to look for potentially illegal items. This is a great improvement on having to blindly do a full search.
A further refinement – currently in development – is auto detection of materials of a specific density (gold, platinum, etc.) via the scans. 
Any configuration, all X-ray machines
The software is modular so can cater to the needs of different types of organisations using different processes, and security software. The P2000 X-Ray interfaces with a number of X-Ray machines and Johnson Controls will continue to collaborate with X-ray machine manufacturers to integrate their brands. The full P2000 X-Ray suite can be implemented or the user can select to only make use of dose control functionality. Remote image management can be specified, as can the number or X-Ray machines and booths. 
Key features
  • Logs all user actions, system decisions, and errors in SQL
  • Dummy scan management can be controlled
  • Scan logs and x-ray machine dosage logs are synced
  • Dose deterioration calculation done via DAP meter and time of scan
  • Dose control limits are hard coded
  • Enhanced graphic user interface for ease of use 
  • Caters for visitor cards 
  • Approved by Department of Health
  • Maintenance warning 
  • SMS and Email reports daily
  • Error reporting in real time
  • Database replication between sites
  • Safety factor for management discretion
  • Reports for management on X-ray performance
Automated reports
  • Daily, weekly and monthly and year-to-date
  • Holds per viewer
  • Operator resets
  • Operator resets per person
  • Scans per person 
  • Time per person – efficiency check
Operator features
  • Male/female split option
  • Offline and online supervisor
  • Viewer features
    • Auto-rezoom and contrast on X-ray image viewer when new image is opened
    • Mark up image with potential area of illegal goods by viewer, send image to searcher, marked up image is stored.
    • Reference image function
  • Operator interventions to be logged
  • Track the number of holds per person
  • Track the operator intervention in terms of resetting and opening doors
Content profided by Johnson Controls www.johnsoncontrols.com

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