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Maintenance Guide for Earthmover Tyres: Tyre Handling and Storage

Maintenance Guide for Earthmover Tyres: Tyre Handling and Storage

Tyre handling

Preliminary remarks
Improper handling can cause irreparable damage to tyres.

With a view to reducing (or eliminating) the risk of damaged beads and their consequences, follow the following advice.



  • Do not lift a tyre directly with the hook of a crane (to avoid causing irreparable damage to the bead).
  • Use flat straps (and not metallic slings or chains) to avoid damaging the tread.
  • Lift the tyre under the tread and not at the bead when using a forklift truck (avoids causing irr parable damage to the bead).

    Alternatively, use speciallyadapted handling equipment (lift truck with clamps).

    Caution! If a tyre-handler is used, holding the tyre too tightly will distort it and, subsequently, prevent its correct positioning on the rim.

  • For tubeless tyres supplied with bead protectors, leave the protectors in place until the tyre is to be mounted (to avoid damaging the bead). (Keep the protectors; they can be refitted to the beads of the tyre if it has to be removed temporarily for repair or retreading).

    Never stand under or near a suspended tyre. Always assure the lifting equipment correspond to the tyre weight.



Tyre storage


Like all rubber products, tyres are subject to ageing.

It is therefore recommended that the following precautions are adhered to as they are aimed at prolonging the tyre’s life as far as possible.



To avoid premature ageing and damage to tyres, it is advisable to store them in a dark, enclosed place, under opaque plastic covers if necessary.

Failing this, ensure that they are protected from:

  • sources of ozone (sunlight, arc-welding appliance, mercury lamps, etc.);
  • hydrocarbons: hydrocarbons can permeate into the rubber in tyres and dissolve certain components, causing irreparable damage;
  • exposure to ultraviolet rays;
  • exposure to bad weather;
  • tyres should be placed vertically, one against another, in operating position;
  • inner tubes, flaps and sealing joints can be stored in their original packaging  or on racks or shelves, or in containers on condition that the surfaces in contact with the rubber are not rough at all (risk of tears, cuts or perforations);
  • the storage area must be sufficiently large to allow handling machines to operate, without risk of hitting or rubbing against tyres in stock.


Protection against fires

The following measures are recommended to protect against the risk of fire and fight any outbreaks:

  • store tyres in groups covering a maximum area of 500 m2.
  • provide a passageway between the blocks, at least 3 meters wide, and wider if the diameter of the tyres require it. (Tyre diameters are given in the manufacturer’s technical documentation.)

The best extinguishing agent remains water. The addition of a foam additive effectively enhances its efficiency. The minimum fire-fighting equipment is one extinguisher for every 200 m2.

For larger areas, it is advisable to provide fire hose cabinets.

For areas over 5 000 m2, an automatic sprinkler system should be envisaged, with a flow rate of 22 litres per minute.


Additional tools

So that all concerned with tyre storage know the appropriate procedure, MICHELIN has provided 2 tools.


Safety label

All earthmover tyres carry a safety label, on the tread (in the United States) or on the sidewall (in all other countries) showing what should and shouldn’t be done when handling tyres.

Safety Label


Safety wall chart

A wall chart drawing attention to the most important safety measures is available from MICHELIN. This wall chart will be provided on request by your usual MICHELIN representative. The symbols used on the wall chart are explained in the chapter “Introduction to safety”.

Safety Wall Chart


Further information

MICHELIN has developed a special training module designed to heighten operator awareness of safety issues. Your usual MICHELIN representative would be happy to present it to you.

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