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How Different Types of Truck Scales Benefit the Mining Industry
24 July 2019
How Different Types of Truck Scales Benefit the Mining Industry

Mining is one of those industries that remains profitable globally as the demand for minerals continues to grow. Even when several global markets slow down due to uncertainties, the mining industry doesn’t due to the increasing demand for minerals. However, despite the demand, the operational costs of the mining industry are high. This makes it important for businesses to use the latest technology to guarantee maximum returns and minimize costs. 

One effective way to increase efficiency and cut costs at a mining facility is to invest in appropriate scales in the mining process. Truck scales for mining industry helps in reducing waste as well. The operating conditions in the mining industry are unlike many facilities and they require rugged and heavy-duty scales to effectively operate in the harsh working conditions. Let us look at different truck scales that are best suited for the mining industry.  


Haul Truck Scale

This is the most popular, efficient and functional mining truck scale as it can be used for the most standard mining operations. You can use haul truck scales at the same time while conducting the typical mining tasks such as transporting mining materials and loads like sand, rocks, dirt, etc. Haul truck scales are quite tough and can withstand the heavy mining loads. They also offer in-motion weighing as they are integrated right on the truck.


Articulated Mining Truck Scale

Articulated mining truck scales are beneficial if your business is looking to minimize transportation costs and increase the efficiency at the same time. These scales are primarily for articulated trucks — trucks that are used for hauling and other mining operations. They are capable of transferring a large load in fewer trips as compared to other trucks. When you integrate these scales on mining trucks, you can cut down the process by at least one step. Articulated mining truck scales also help mining companies save money on fuel costs.


Underground Mining Truck Scale

There will be a few occasions when the best time and place to weigh the mining cargo is when the crew is still working underground. If you find yourself doing this most of the time, then implementing underground mining truck scales would be beneficial. They are designed to work while the trucks are transferring loads from one place to another under the ground. Since this type of truck scale is portable, you won’t have to transfer the mining cargo above ground for a weigh-in.


On-board Truck Scale

On-board truck scales rank among the most convenient and versatile types of weighing equipment for numerous industries, including the mining industry. They weigh the loads on the truck, therefore, you won’t have to invest in an external weighing system. They are quite cost-effective and these scales are installed on the chassis of the mining truck. They are digital and allow easy tracking of the payload. On-board truck scales provide accurate measurements even in harsh conditions that are common in the mining industry. 


Belt Conveyor Scale Systems

Mining companies move a lot of dirt, rocks, minerals and sand in bulk, all of which must be weighed as it is moved. Therefore, you must implement a belt conveyor scale system as it helps you monitor production output, or regulate product load-out and inventory. The three major elements making up a belt scale system are the weighing carriage with load cells, belt speed sensor and electronic integrator. These components help in accurately measuring the loads being transferred on the conveyor belt at any given point.

The above-mentioned truck scales can be used to maximize efficiency and productivity in the mining industry. Choose the ones that best suit your requirements and the conditions where the mining operations are carried out.

Content provided by Kevin Hill


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