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Bobcat skidsteer attachments ideal for materials-handling applications
28 October 2019
Bobcat skidsteer attachments ideal for materials-handling applications

Skidsteer loaders from Bobcat Equipment South Africa are ideal for a wide range of materials-handling applications in agriculture and construction, from cleaning-up operations to trenching and loading. This is due to the fact that they can be customised by means of a range of attachments, turning these into tough workhorses.

Trencher attachments allow Bobcat skidsteer loaders to tackle tough trenching jobs with ease. The easy-to-use trencher attachments are built for improved trench digging and added reliability on-site. The trencher is the ideal attachment for maintenance crews, municipalities, fibreoptic installation, plumbing, landscaping contractors, and rental facilities.

The trencher is designed with the power and strength to dig in even tough, rocky soil types. The side-shift feature – which can be manual or hydraulic, depending on the model – can be used to dig a trench close to buildings, fences, and other objects. The trencher can even be equipped with different teeth and chain options to maximise trenching capabilities in different soil conditions.

The LT112, LT113 and LT213 are ideal for light-to medium-duty trenching jobs, while the LT313 is ideal for medium- to heavy-duty trenching jobs such as utility installation. For heavy-duty trenching jobs, the LT405 is equipped with high-flow performance capabilities. Dual augers move spoil away from the trench.

Wheel saw attachments allow Bobcat skidsteer loaders to cut through a variety of surfaces. Powered by the carrier’s high-flow hydraulics, the wheel saw cuts through asphalt, concrete, and other materials to produce a trench for installing utility lines, for example. The trench cleaner is raised and lowered hydraulically, ensuring a clean trench for installation.

The hydraulic depth-adjustment gauge can be used to deliver a consistent, uniform cut depth. For operating close to curbs and walls, the hydraulic side-shift allows the attachment to shift flush with any nearby object for a close cut. The wheel saw attachment provides a more precise cut than air or hydraulic hammers, and is easier to transport than dedicated machines. It is ideal for road-repair crews and rental facilities.

The ‘pothole-busting’ Pavijet MG7 paver attachment can be controlled from either a skidsteer loader and/or wire remote control for increased flexibility. The latter allows for a complete view of the work in front of the machine to boost both productivity and safety.

It is ideal for tough local maintenance jobs such as patching roads, sidewalks, pavements, and parking lots, among others. Compact and easy to use, it also has the capability to bypass any obstacles such as advertising signs and trees, due to its retractable screed. Extremely versatile, it can lay both hot and cold asphalt, as well as cement, sand, and even crushed stone.

A central auger brings the material to the screed, with the speed of the auger determined by the loader motor. All functions such as the auger, screed lifting and lowering, telescopic screed, and hopper opening and closing are hydraulic for increased efficiency.

The paving width is 0.2 m to 1.9 m, while the paving height is -5 cm to 25 cm. The paving speed is up to 25 m/min, and the hopper capacity is 1.4 m3. The hydraulic pressure is 180 bar. The machine weighs only 711 kg, and includes a 60 Hz vibration option.

The main benefits of the Pavijet MG7 that make it ideal for South African operating conditions are its low cost, compact dimensions, and high paving speed. In addition, the hopper can be loaded from street-side for extra flexibility, with two control options available.

“Bobcat’s genuine products are always reliable and trustworthy, and the attachments come in various shapes and sizes. The construction materials are sturdy and long-lasting. Moreover, all attachments and other equipment come with 12-month warranties,” National Operations Manager for both the Bobcat and SANY brands Brian Rachman comments.

“With Bobcat, customers can rest assured that they are always getting the most innovative, high-quality products on the market. Our customer service is guaranteed to keep equipment up and running at all times, from assembly to repair,” Rachman concludes.

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