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Lovato ATL500 from EM is a simple, easy-to-use ATS solution
28 July 2020
Lovato ATL500 from EM is a simple, easy-to-use ATS solution

The Lovato ATL500 ready-to-use Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is available from leading supplier ElectroMechanica (EM) for automatic or manual switching of the load from a main or primary line to a standby or secondary emergency line and vice versa. It is ideal for panel builders and board manufacturers, genset suppliers and system integrators with applications requiring management of two power sources.

A main feature of the Lovato ATL500 is its self-seeking power supply, which means automatic selection of the best available line for auxiliary power supply (110-240VAC L-N). Transfer between the different lines is managed by contactors and motorised changeovers. It monitors three-phase voltage inputs from two sources and only connects to the output line that is within the limits.

Controller LED indication provides for a simple and clear visualisation of the status of the overall ATS system. Automatic or manual operating mode is selected by means of controller push buttons that also command the manual switching of the load in position I (line 1), 0 (neutral, load not supplied) or position II (line 2), which means there is no need to program any setting on the controller whatsoever.

The Lovato ATL500 comes with built-in NFC connectivity for programming via Android smart devices, both tablets and smartphones, via the Lovato NFC App. This innovative app does not require any connection cable and even operates if the controller has no power supply. The app allows the following to be configured accurately and quickly:

  • System parameters: Rated system voltage, rated frequency, type of wiring, voltage control mode
  • Password protection for access to the settings
  • Changeover settings: Priority line selection, interlock times, feedback delays, etc.
  • Protection thresholds and tripping delays: minimum/maximum voltage, minimum/maximum frequency, phase sequence, asymmetry, etc.
  • Functioning of the programmable digital inputs and outputs
  • Functioning of the potentiometers
  • Alarm properties

For each line, the Lovato ATL500 monitors the status of the voltage and the frequency to detect if the line is available and that all the parameters are within the correct limits. The ATL500 completes the range of ATS controllers available from Lovato by means of a basic solution for customers who need a simple and easy-to-use device.

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