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Safety Equipment Every Construction and Mining Worker Needs
16 March 2018
Safety Equipment Every Construction and Mining Worker Needs

In the construction or mining industry, where the risks of physical injury are higher than most other occupations, the safety of construction workers or miners is extremely important. Without them, a project wouldn’t finish and the quality of the work would be compromised. There’s a reason that there are different varieties of safety equipment and clothing that are required on any construction site. Accidents happen and it would be better to have everyone in the immediate (and even surrounding) areas protected. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required of all workers who operate in fields where the equipment is necessary for them to do their, otherwise dangerous, job safely. This includes, but is not limited to, firefighters, police officers, construction workers and miners. 

We’ll start with the equipment needed for the head and work our way right down to the worker’s toes. Include the costs of these specialised items of safety equipment in the construction and mining equipment finance budget because it may be a costly department, but it’s most definitely a necessary one. 


Hard hat

No one can be sure that the sky won’t be falling in under a construction site. All it takes is one misstep, a bump from the crane, a gust of wind or not triple checking a knot for something to fall and dangerously fly around a construction site. For that reason, hard hats are a necessary precautionary piece of safety equipment that all workers, and even visitors to the site, are required to wear. 

Even if the site is inactive, all hard hats should be worn. These strong and resistant helmets can protect workers from a variety of unfortunate incidents that are likely to happen on site. It’s important that at the end of every day these hard hats are inspected for any signs of damage. If they are damaged, they should be disposed of as they probably won’t last another blow and then they can no longer serve a purpose.


Safety goggles 

Especially with mining and welding, the use of safety goggles is necessary to protect the eyes from damage by chemicals, heat, dust and other objects. Depending on the type of job you’re doing you may require more intense safety goggles or even a face shield. Rather safe than sorry and make sure every construction worker has protective eyewear. 


Earplugs or earmuffs 

Anyone who has walked or driven past a construction site will have an idea of how much noise there actually is and how loud the machines and construction equipment can get when in use. Loud noises endured over long periods of time will have negative effects on a worker’s hearing in the future. 

By using earplugs or earmuffs, their ears and hearing can be protected. Being able to hear on a construction site is valuable because warning calls and instructions are always being shouted out. Every part of the worker’s body needs to be protected, especially their head, eyes and ears.  


Heavy-duty gloves 

Construction is a hands-on business and there will always be heavy equipment that needs to be handled or materials that need to be picked up, moved and placed. Scratches, cuts, burns and blisters can be avoided if workers wear heavy-duty construction gloves. And because they are always using their hands, construction companies can’t afford to lose time and able bodies as a result of damaged hands. 

Depending on what work someone is doing, the material and protective characteristics of the gloves will vary. They are a necessary safety item to be worn at all times during construction processes and will ensure that workers are able to work better with stronger as opposed to damaged hands. 


Work overalls 

Work overalls are there to make sure there is no exposed skin that would be vulnerable to cuts, scratches and burns. They should fit comfortably and not be too baggy in size or restrictive in movement as reflexes and reactions need to be quick. 

It’s also smart to make sure that these overalls have reflective tape on them for night shifts (especially for construction projects on or close to a road). Visibility on site is important when heavy machinery and vehicles are being operated amongst construction workers. 


Safety boots 

And, last but not least, we are down to the toes. Safety boots complete the safety clothing equipment checklist. There are safety boots of all sorts (such as steel-toe boots) that are all designed to, first of all, support the ankle of the worker as they step through uneven terrain and to, second of all, protect the foot should anything fall on it.

Obviously, there is only so much a boot can do to protect a foot from incredibly heavy materials and equipment, but it is a layer of protection that can reduce the amount of damage taken. But safety boots will ensure that there is solid footing and less chance for punctures to pierce the foot. 

Every construction project should be overseen by a construction safety officer who makes sure everyone is correctly suited up and protected with quality safety gear.  

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