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7 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Construction Equipment
11 September 2018
7 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Construction Equipment

The mining and construction industries have seen their fair share of construction equipment come and go due to heavy-weight tasks. As a mining or construction company, your equipment is your greatest and most important business asset. 

Construction equipment doesn’t, however, last forever. You shouldn’t push your equipment right to the end of the line before you consider upgrading and buying new construction equipment. That’s dangerous to equipment operators and potentially harmful to your mining or construction project.  

If it’s time to upgrade your old mining dump truck, think about an articulated dump truck from the Terex construction equipment range or find a new excavator from one of Volvo’s construction equipment offerings. You need to think about the future of your business and how it can become better, and one way to do that is by upgrading your construction equipment. 

Need more reasons why? Well, here are seven. 


Increase project capacity 

With construction equipment that’s bigger and better, you’ll be able to complete projects over a shorter period of time, as well as increase your project capacity for the year. More mining projects, mean more profit and further equipment upgrades. 

If your current equipment is repairable, you will now have two sets of equipment to use. And when your old equipment is no longer safe to operate or costs more to run than what the project is worth, it’s time to salvage and invest in your new, upgraded trucks, cranes, crawlers and excavators. 


Latest construction technology 

When you upgrade your construction equipment, you’ll come across the latest construction technologies integrated into heavy-duty machinery. These pieces of equipment are more durable, more efficient and easier to operate. 

There are “smart” ranges of construction equipment with new technologies that are changing the world of construction. Some of these technological advancements include machine automation, alternative power systems, the use of drones and even 3D printing. Making use of these technologies will make construction site work less complicated and more cost-effective. 


Improved quality of work 

Having the latest technology at your fingertips will improve your quality of work and there’ll be a lower risk of project-comprise as a result of faulty equipment. If machines work the way they’re meant to, the job can be executed exactly as was planned, with no hiccups or delays if there’s a breakdown. 

Your business will be favourable with a shorter project duration, lower costs and fancier equipment to get the job done. 

Increase competitive edge 

And that brings us to the next reason why you should upgrade your construction equipment: for a competitive edge. If you choose to invest in new equipment before your competitors, yes, it may create a financially tight situation at first, but the return on investment (ROI) is practically be instant. 

You can offer your clients the best quotes and dazzle them with your new machinery. A customer might not know the quality of your work, but if they can see the quality of your equipment, it will act as reassurance. You will book the clients and you’ll have the better equipment range. Competition in business is healthy as it pushes you to be the best. In construction, that competition lies in your equipment garage.   



It may seem contradictory that by spending money on upgrading to new equipment, you’ll be saving money in the long run. But that’s the truth. By upgrading your equipment, you will be investing in machinery that is designed to not rely on general maintenance tasks to keep them operating at their best. This means you can reduce your maintenance budget and costs, which is no small save for such large equipment.

As we said, you’ll be able to increase your capacity with new equipment which will lead to an increase in profit. That increase might go towards your construction equipment financing plan for a good few months, but once they’ve been paid off, you’ll have the extra profit to invest straight into your business. 


Worker safety 

Upgraded equipment comes with improved safety features and is also not likely to break down or fall apart on the job like your old equipment would. This means you’re providing your machine operators with more security and safety on the job. 

Unfortunately, there are so many ways for someone to be harmed on a mining or construction site. But harm by faulty, damaged and worn construction equipment need not be one of them. Put your workers’ safety first with new equipment and proper equipment training, and more benefits will follow. 


Improved employee morale 

Your equipment might be your greatest asset, but you wouldn’t be able to benefit from your equipment without your operators to operate them. Your employees’ morale is important and by providing them with new construction equipment, will be the equivalent of Christmas. 

Boosting their morale through new equipment will make them excited for machinery training and for the next project to start. In this way, the quality of work for your business also improves. Bottom line: you can’t go wrong with upgrading your construction equipment.

Image Source: Babcock International

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