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fischer SaMontec from Upat Revolutionises Architecture and Construction
03 January 2019
fischer SaMontec from Upat Revolutionises Architecture and Construction

If you remember the ease with which fischertechnik sets made you an instant engineer, you’ll understand the innovation behind the fischer SaMontec installation grid – and how it continues to revolutionise architecture and the construction industry.

According to Upat National Product Specialist Charl Weber, SaMontec installation systems are now typically specified by wet works engineers for areas that require robust, flexible solutions.
SaMontec grids come with universal channels, brackets, connection and construction elements, as well as clamps and installation accessories that provide a huge variety of combinations in one versatile solution. The system can be joined in such a way that it holds everything together on one bracket. Weber notes that, being inter-linkable and interchangeable, enables all elements to easily connect and disconnect.

Suitable for new buildings and subsequent installations, the system offers planners and architects abundant opportunities for creativity, such as mounting lighting or sound insulation elements on the grid. Weber cites the interchangeability as a key reason for SaMontec’s popularity.

“For example, a bracket can be added to hold five water pipes of 100mm each in diameter. If, in a few years’ time, additional elements are required, these are easily added and the original parts can be re-used, saving on costs,” Weber explains.

As an official distributor of the fischer SaMontec system, Upat notes that one of the biggest users of the grids is the automotive manufacturing industry; where innovative, precision designs are required to provide flexible and convertible installations that allow factories to be upgraded as the automotive industry evolves.

The systems are also used frequently in mining plants and shafts; in the construction sector for service shafts, distribution of cables and ducting, and for the installation of water pipes. In the latter, the grid is used for holding up cable tray ducting and pipe work.

This means it requires a combination of brackets, corner pieces and angle pieces, along with cantilevers, sliding components, refrigerant pipe clamps and sprinkler loops, among other mechanisms. These must not only provide robust support, but must enable optimal agility under wet and dry conditions.

Upat recently supplied fischer SaMontec systems for four private hospitals around South Africa to secure the connection of gas lines. “The product has also been used at several project sites for the installation of air-conditioning systems. We are updating our stock level regularly due to the growing popularity of the system,” Weber highlights.

The benefits of interchangeable components are available in various materials from stainless steel to titanium plated, zinc plated, galvanised and hot dip galvanised stainless steel which is part of the attraction. “We can cater for all industries across various load-bearing capacities, meaning that we cover everything from light buildings to heavy-duty mining facility grid systems,” Weber notes.

Suitability for all environmental conditions has seen the use of SaMontec in containerised water-treatment plants for the mounting of treatment equipment. “This is done using a grid system inside the container, which houses pipelines and reverse osmosis membranes,” Weber points out.

Ease of transportation has also been a plus for users, and fischer recently secured a large contract from a soap factory in India. Pipelines were required to carry chemicals across a long distance, and so had to be zig-zagged to fit the space.

Upat also provides full aftermarket service and support. “With SaMontec, there is always a new way to look at issues that a client has, and then provide inventive solutions that best fit the type of work and workspace the client operates in,” Weber stresses.

To ensure all users are able to calculate loads and determine the amount of material required when developing a building, a design program is available at www.fischer.co.uk. Registered buyers can place orders online at www.upat.co.za.

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