Mining Safety News Safety(c) 2020, ReCon Parts are a cost-effective alternative for customersCummins ReCon Parts are not just repaired or rebuilt, but are remanufactured to meet or exceed your engine’s original specifications for performance, reliability and durability. ReCon Parts also include the latest upgrades, thereby ensuring that customers always have access to the latest technology, according to Marco Gouveia, Parts Marketing Lead Southern Africa. “The old parts that customers return to us that actually have some value in their core are remanufactured. Our rigorous remanufacturing process commences with an initial inspection to ensure it still meets standards and can be remanufactured. It is then stripped out completely, machine-cleaned, and recalibrated to ensure it still meets our exact specifications,” Gouveia explains. “When customers buy Cummins ReCon Parts, they are not merely replacing old or worn-out components, but have the latest developments built in, thereby gaining additional benefit.” Gouveia highlights that Cummins is to..., 01 Jul 2020 16:33:31 GMTPratley Extensive Range of Lugs and FerrulesPratley is well-known and respected in the electrical Industry for its world-class cable termination products for both normal and hazardous locations. To complement its product range, Pratley now also supplies an extensive range of lugs and ferrules. Unlike many ordinary lugs and ferrules available, the Pratley products are of an ultra-high quality and are made of exceptional quality tin-plated copper. Therefore, they are aimed at the high end of the market. “It is now more convenient than ever for our customers to also satisfy their lug and ferrule requirements when placing orders for their usual Pratley electrical products,” comments Marketing Director Eldon Kruger. The Pratley lugs and ferrules are also very competitively-priced and supplied nationally and internationally for use by electrical personnel in industrial and mining operations. These high-quality products are manufactured from copper and tinned to prevent bi-metal corrosion. The lugs and ferrules are..., 30 Jun 2020 15:04:49 GMTA new breathalyser procedure and holding station has what it takes to aid in COVID-19 prevention in South AfricaAlong with the reopening of bottle stores on June 1st as South Africa moved to Level 3 lockdown, many commercial and manufacturing sectors began their phased return to work. Back to business means back to the requirement to perform breathalyser tests on personnel before they’re permitted to enter the workplace. Everyone wants to know: is it possible to perform these legislatively mandated intoxication checks safely, given what we know about the spread of the coronavirus? The simple answer is yes. ALCO-Safe, suppliers of quality alcohol and drug testing equipment and accessories, has developed a new holding station and breathalyser procedure designed specifically to prevent the spread of the virus to bolster health & safety procedures for many industries. Misplaced concern about breathalysers For industries that require workers to pass a breathalyser test before entering the workplace, an enhanced safety procedure that makes provision for social distancing, while protecting..., 29 Jun 2020 08:16:46 GMTAI and Mining's Brave New FrontierSome might have misgivings regarding the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and how its analytical power will replace traditional methods across the mining sector. However, its purpose is not to replace human beings. Rather, AI’s role is to supplement and support the human factor. By delivering—for the first time—a truly complete overview of every aspect affecting a mine’s performance, we can achieve greater safety, accuracy and productivity. Since the theory around AI is surrounded by a morass of disjointed terms and conflicting opinions, we must first define a few factors before unpacking the impact it will have on the mining sector. WHAT IS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING? Put simply, one feeds into the other. AI is the theory and development of systems whereby computers can create streamlined methods of performing tasks that usually require human intelligence. These include data analysis, speech and image recognition, and decision..., 18 Jun 2020 09:14:07 GMTGEM supplies four SANY SYL956s to Asante Dinoko for Eskom contractAsante Dinoko, a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) company providing a comprehensive range of engineering and environmental services industries from municipalities to mining, water authorities and power generation, has taken delivery of four SANY SYL956 front-end loaders from Goscor Earthmoving (GEM). The front-end loaders will be deployed for coal-stockpile management at various power stations for electricity utility Eskom. The SANY SYL956s were specially modified for this application with 4.6 m3 coal buckets, as opposed to the standard 3 m3 bucket, with the entire order delivered successfully by end May, SANY Operations Manager Murray Leith reports. This was achieved during the ongoing lockdown, as Asante Disanko is an essential service provider. Apart from competitive pricing and low operating costs, GEM is able to offer financing options from Goscor Finance. This gives it a significant edge over its competitors in servicing its broad client base. “We..., 04 Jun 2020 14:12:53 GMTIndustrial UPS first for ABB at major local petrochemical companyIndustrial sectors such as petrochemicals cannot afford production downtime due to electrical power failure or disturbances. When a major petrochemical producer in Mpumalanga required an industrial UPS solution, Proconics selected the PowerLine DPA 20-120 kVA modular three-phase UPS system from ABB in South Africa. Many industrial sectors such as petrochemicals cannot afford any production downtime due to electrical power failure or disturbances. Not only does this require a complex and costly restart, but expensive end product is ruined. Equipment may also be damaged in such instances, which also raises health and safety concerns. “The main issue for such sectors is that a reliable supply of clean power cannot be guaranteed by the grid. We have seen this happening as the local utility accelerates its long-term maintenance programme, which means load-shedding is likely to increase. Thus the petrochemical industry, for example, must take proactive measures to safeguard itself..., 25 May 2020 13:24:19 GMTDrive engineered packaged solutions tailored for your application needsABB provides engineered solutions for AC and DC drives across a broad range of applications. Designed to meet the exacting needs of your business or process, you can be sure that your technical requirements will be met and your business targets achieved. In keeping with the latest trends of energy efficiency, local support from OEMs and reduced total cost of ownership, ABB South Africa offers complete packaged solutions for water and wastewater to mining and minerals, cement, petrochemicals and oil and gas industries. Such packaged solutions range from the supply of medium voltage circuit breakers, inclusive of the required protection, to Variable Speed Drive (VSD) input transformers (if required), and correctly sized VSDs and motors for specific application. An e-housing can also be supplied in accordance with customer requirements. A particular feature of the drive technology from ABB South Africa is the inclusion of a synchronous bypass option unit. This allows one drive to start..., 25 May 2020 13:22:16 GMTMines can’t ignore the carbon tax. But they can take control of it.By Francois du Plessis, Operations Director at EDS Systems According to Air Quality Expert at the European Environment Agency, Alberto Gonzalez Ortiz, the world has seen a dramatic drop in pollution due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But this is mainly due to the reduction in Nitrogen Dioxide emitted by road traffic in cities. Mines in South Africa, however, have been allowed to restart operations from 20 April 2020 at 50% during the lockdown period and as a result, continue to emit Greenhouse Gases (GHG).Mining is one industry that needs to gear itself for phase 2 of South Africa's Carbon Tax Act which will commence in mid-2022. Fortunately, this provides the industry with the time needed to prepare and gain control over its GHG emissions. Why prepare now? Adhering to the Carbon Tax Act and continually working towards reducing emissions is no simple task and this challenge has reached the doorstep of primary emitters as Phase 1 tax returns were due by June 2020, although this..., 25 May 2020 13:20:00 GMTSkyriders continues to offer essential maintenance during lockdownRope-access specialist Skyriders has received CIPC certification to operate as an essential services provider during the ongoing lockdown, Marketing Manager Mike Zinn reports. This has enabled it to continue meeting the critical maintenance needs of its key petrochemical, power generation and food and beverage clients. With a total of 24 rope-access technicians on standby, Skyriders is able to field teams wherever needed, or in the event of any urgent emergency work. While all employees wear masks as part of their everyday Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), extra health and safety measures have been put in place. These include taking the temperature of all workers during toolbox talks, and having only two persons travel per vehicle in accordance with the lockdown regulations. Skyriders Group Safety Manager Dino Guiotto already began to put specific measures in place to take the Covid-19 pandemic into account when the lockdown was first announced on 26 March. “As a result,..., 11 May 2020 16:06:04 GMTSkyriders to offer external training at its Midrand academyThe Midrand-based training academy established by rope access specialist Skyriders in 2010 will soon offer external training, Marketing Manager Mike Zinn reports. The training is fully accredited by the professional body known as the Institute for Work at Height (IWH). Working at height continues to pose a major hazard in the construction industry. Research conducted by Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth indicates that the indirect costs of falling-from-height (FFH) accidents are 14.2 times the direct costs. Falls from buildings are the most hazardous when working at height due to factors such as wind velocity, structure height, risky activities, and workers’ attitudes. The training offered by the Heightwise Academy is moderated by the IWH, which issues the final certificate, licence to operate and logbook for all those who complete the training successfully. Complete fall-arrest training is provided, from basic to advanced levels, as well as search-and-rescue. Rope-access..., 11 May 2020 16:03:38 GMT